Indian Classical Raaga

Indian Classical Raagas With Timings

Raaga Mode Time
Piloo (Listen) Kafi Any Time
Kafi (Listen) Kafi Any Time
Mand (Listen) Bilawal Any Time
Dhani (Listen) Kafi Any Time
Bhairavi (Listen) Bhairavi Any Time
Gaud Malhar (Listen) Kafi Monsoon
Miyan Malhar (Listen) Kafi Monsoon
Deshkar (Listen) Bilawal Morning
Gunkri Bhairav Morning
Ahir Bhairav (Listen) Bhairav Morning
Asavari (Listen) Morning
Bhankar Bhairav Morning
Bairagi Bhairav (Listen) Bhairav Morning
Basant Mukhari (Listen) Morning
Basant (Listen) Poorvi Morning
Bhoopali Todi Bhairavi Morning
Bhatiyar (Listen) Bhairav Morning
Bilawal Bilawal Morning
Bilaskhani Todi Bhairavi Morning
Bhairav Bhairav Morning
Desi Asavari Morning
Sohni Marwa Morning
Gurjari Todi Todi Morning
Nat Bhairav Bhairav Morning
Kalingada Bhairav Morning
Lalit Poorvi Morning
Jogiya Bhairav Morning
Jaunpuri Asavari Morning
Hindol Kalyan Morning
Todi Todi Morning
Vibhas Bhairav Morning
Vrindavani Sarang Kafi Afternoon
Shuddh Sarang Kalyan Afternoon
Poorvi Poorvi Afternoon
Patdeep Afternoon
Madhyamad Sarang Kafi Afternoon
Madhuvanti Todi Afternoon
Bhimpalasi Kafi Afternoon
Gaud Saarang Kalyan Afternoon
Multani Todi Afternoon
Bhoopali Kalyan Evening
Kamod Kalyan Evening
Desh Khamaj Evening
Yaman Kalyan Kalyan Evening
Hansdhwani Bilawal Evening
Khamaj Khamaj Evening
Sham Kalyan Kalyan Evening
Yaman Kalyan Evening
Tilang Khamaj Evening
Shuddh Kalyan Kalyan Evening
Shankara Bilawal Evening
Maru Bihag Kalyan Evening
Puriya Dhanashri Poorvi Evening
Puriya Marwa Evening
Pahadi Bilawal Evening
Jana Sammohini Evening
Marwa Marwa Evening
Shree Poorvi Evening
Bahar Kafi Night
Tilak Kamod Khamaj Night
Bageshri Kafi Night
Charukeshi Night
Malhar Kafi Night
Raageshri Khamaj Night
Nand Kalyan Night
Malkauns Pancham Bhairavi Night
Malkauns Bhairavi Night
Bhinna Shadja Khamaj Night
Shivranjani Kafi Night
Malgunji Kafi Night
Jhinjhoti Khamaj Night
Kirwani Night
Chandani Kedar Kalyan Night
Chandrakauns Night
Kedar Kalyan Night
Chhayanat Kalyan Night
Darbari Asavari Night
Kalavati Khamaj Night
Adana Asavari Night
Durga Bilawal Night
Jaijaiwanti Khamaj Night
Gorakh Kalyan Khamaj Night
Hamir Kalyan Night
Bihag Kalyan Night

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